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OxycontinOxycontin Abuse in Teens

by Deborah Alexander

"There is an alarming trend in the teen population of the abusive use of the prescription drug, Oxycontin. Kids are getting these drugs from their parents’ medicine cabinets and from their doctors’ offices. And it is not just the “burnouts” or “druggies” who are illegally using Oxycontin, but student athletes, academics, and the kid down the street as well. Illegally obtained prescription drugs are the second-most used drugs among teens, behind marijuana, but the awareness of this problem by parents and others in our communities needs to be heightened. Severe legal consequences -- including time in juvenile detention or jail and the possibility of not being admitted into a college -- are the risks at stake for teens who abuse Oxycontin and other prescription drugs." Read More...

Pharm-Raised Teens

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"I did not know that the court system often times has rehabilitative means to resolve cases. I was charged with a drug crime and Deborah helped me find the appropriate treatment that I needed. My life has changed and my case was resolved without a conviction.” Anonymous
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"I was represented by Deborah Alexander. She truly saved my life. I was charged with a felony criminal case and there was a substantial risk that my freedom would be taken away. Deborah Alexander worked aggressively on my case since the day that I met her. She was wonderful about communicating with me..." Anonymous