Assault Charges

There are 4 degrees of Assault in Washington State that range from a class A felony to a gross misdemeanor. Assaults in the 1st and 2nd degree are considered potential “strike offenses.”

Assault 1 occurs when a person acts with intent to inflict great bodily harm and uses a firearm, deadly weapon or force which is likely to induce great bodily harm or death. Assault 1 is a class A felony.

Assault 2 happens when a person recklessly inflicts substantial bodily harm upon another. Assaulting another with a deadly weapon is also an element of this crime. Additionally, if a person assaults another while committing a felony offense, this also constitutes Assault 2. Assault 2 is a class B felony.

Assault 3 usually is the charge imposed on a person if he/she assaults a transit operator, security officer, school bus driver, firefighter, or law enforcement officer. Assault 3 is a class C felony.

Assault 4 is when the act to inflict bodily harm does not amount to assault in the first, second, or third degree. Assault 4 is considered a gross misdemeanor.