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Bail and Bond Proceedings

The purpose of a bond hearing/bail hearing is to ensure that the accused person will appear in court for the remaining scheduled court appearances. At a bond hearing, the defendant appears before a Judge. The Judge will consider the seriousness of the charges against the defendant, the defendant’s criminal history, the likelihood that the defendant will appear at future scheduled court dates along with any threat to the safety of the community if the defendant is released. If the Judge determines that the defendant is not a flight risk nor that the defendant is a threat to society, the Judge may then allow the defendant to be released on his/her own personal recognizance which means that the defendant will not need to post bail but will be released upon his/her own word. If on the other hand, the Judge determines that the accused is a flight risk, that the crime is serious in nature, and that the release of the defendant may put society at risk, then the Judge may impose bail after a hearing is held.

If bail is set then an individual may choose to post cash for the bail or in many cases the accused will use a bail bonds company and will pay 10% of the full bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $10,000, then there is a $1,000 non-returnable fee paid to the bail bond company. Sometimes collateral is used to secure a bail bond as well which is essentially property of value used to secure the bond. Collateral is usually returned once the court case is completed and when all fees have been paid. The term, surety bond, means that a bail agent will guarantee the bond to the court and will be responsible for any bond forfeiture if the accused fails to appear at a future court appearance. In the alternative, cash bail, is paid to the court or jail for the full amount ordered by the court.

The law offices of Deborah Alexander, Attorney at Law PLLC, represents the accused at bond hearing/bail hearings. Our office will meet with the client and do a complete intake interview assessing the charges against the accused, the client’s criminal history if any, the clients ability to post bail and we will appear to represent the accused at the bond hearing in court. Deborah Alexander, Attorney at Law, is available 24 hours a day for consultation and will appear at the jail if necessary to meet with our clients to ensure the best defense of our clients.

Client Reviews
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