Defending a Respondent in an Anti Harassment Action

Are you accused of acting in an alarming and harassing manner? The Law Offices of Deborah Alexander Attorney at Law, PLLC represents respondents named in anti harassment petitions. Deborah Alexander Attorney at Law PLLC is experienced in representing individuals in anti harassment claims. It is important to understand the legal statutes pertaining to anti harassment cases and protection order cases. It is also imperative to have a qualified attorney if you are a respondent in an anti harassment suit to file the appropriate legal paperwork and to appear before a judge to make legal arguments and question and cross examine witnesses on your behalf. A lot is at stake if the petitioner prevails in an anti harassment case. You may be restrained from contact, restrained from surveillance, prohibited from going to certain locations, you may be required to surrender weapons and certain liberties and freedoms may be compromised. Furthermore, a violation of an order of protection by adults is a gross misdemeanor or punishable by contempt.

Unlawful harassment occurs when another knowingly and willfully seriously annoys, harasses, alarms, or acts in a way that is detrimental to another and such a person’s actions serve no legal or legitimate purpose. The anti harassment statute is governed by RCW 10.14.020. This statute also requires that the harassing behavior occur on more than one occasion or through a course of conduct.

The Law office of Deborah Alexander Attorney at Law, PLLC will defend respondents in anti harassment claims in district courts and in the Superior Courts throughout western Washington.