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Drug Charges

Client Testimonial

Deborah Alexander provided me with a very effective defense for my criminal case.

I had underlying addiction issues that needed to be addressed. Deborah helped me find the appropriate treatment that I needed which changed my life.

The treatment that I received ultimately helped me resolve my criminal case. Thank you.

- client charged with felony drug charges

The Warnings Signs For Parents to Look Out For to Determine If Their Teen is Abusing Drugs are
  • A significant dramatic change in your teen's behavior.
  • Decline in grades.
  • Long periods of kids being alone in their bedrooms.
  • A sense of secrecy that is going on.
  • Personality changes.
  • Violent behavior.

Drug crimes in Washington State are also known as VUCSA charges (Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act). VUCSA or drug crimes can include possession, possession with intent to deliver, delivery, and manufacturing of drugs such as Marijuana, Heroin, Meth, Cocaine, Crack, Ecstasy, Anabolic steroids, and even prescription drugs among others. Serious drug crimes are class A felonies while others are gross misdemeanors. Penalties for VUCSA crimes are determined by the Sentencing Reform Act which provides guidelines and ranges for the courts to consider depending on the crime charged and the individual's criminal history.

The Washington state Courts sometimes allow for a rehabilitative approach when sentencing those accused of drug crimes. There are alternative programs such as drug court and DOSA (Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative) which provide drug treatment and also the possibility of a reduction of incarceration time.

Client Reviews
"I did not know that the court system often times has rehabilitative means to resolve cases. I was charged with a drug crime and Deborah helped me find the appropriate treatment that I needed. My life has changed and my case was resolved without a conviction.” Anonymous
"Deborah Alexander goes above and beyond for her clients! She has incredible energy, she cares about her clients, and she will provide you will an effective defense for your felony or misdemeanor case." Anonymous
"I was represented by Deborah Alexander. She truly saved my life. I was charged with a felony criminal case and there was a substantial risk that my freedom would be taken away. Deborah Alexander worked aggressively on my case since the day that I met her. She was wonderful about communicating with me..." Anonymous