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King County Drug Diversion Court

Deborah Alexander Attorney at Law PLLC looks for alternative and rehabilitative options at times to resolve her client’s cases. Deborah Alexander Attorney at Law knows the resources in the community along with the court system to provide her clients with choices. Deborah Alexander thinks outside the box. One potential option for client’s charged with a felony that can ultimately result in a dismissal of a client’s case is Drug Diversion Court.

The King County Drug Diversion Court is a rehabilitative option in the criminal justice system and a wonderful opportunity for drug treatment and resolution of a felony charge with a potential outcome of a dismissal along with the benefit of graduation from drug court. An offender can be eligible for drug court even though the alleged crime committed does not involve drugs or alcohol. However, the offender should be deemed to have a problem with drugs or alcohol. The King County Drug Diversion Court provides eligible defendants with an opportunity for drug treatment, counseling, housing opportunities, and many other life skills in lieu of incarceration and potential dismissal of a felony conviction.

There are four phases of King County Drug Diversion Court and ultimately an opportunity to graduate from the drug court program. The program’s duration is a minimum of 10 months; however, the average participant graduates in 15 months. The King County Drug Court program started in 1994 and since that time over 1,700 individuals have successfully completed the program.

Deborah Alexander Attorney at Law has personally observed many lives change because of the treatment and opportunities that are available in the King County Drug Court Program. Drug court is different from the typical courtroom setting. Everyone from the judge to the prosecutor to the case managers wants the client to succeed. It is a therapeutic environment that is geared towards changing lives. However, that being said, there are consequences if the offender is not compliant that can result in termination and possibly a conviction.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office screens all referrals for drug court. Deborah Alexander Attorney at Law can fill out the requisite paperwork for eligible clients to apply for acceptance into the drug court program. The eligibility criteria are published and the defense attorneys do not have discretion. There must be a reasonable basis to believe the defendant can successfully complete the drug court program. Eligibility requirements for the King County Drug Diversion Court Program can be found on this link.

Deborah Alexander Attorney at Law has the experience and compassion to resolve cases of clients who may have substance abuse problems. Deborah Alexander is committed to her clients and their sobriety.

Client Reviews
"I did not know that the court system often times has rehabilitative means to resolve cases. I was charged with a drug crime and Deborah helped me find the appropriate treatment that I needed. My life has changed and my case was resolved without a conviction.” Anonymous
"Deborah Alexander goes above and beyond for her clients! She has incredible energy, she cares about her clients, and she will provide you will an effective defense for your felony or misdemeanor case." Anonymous
"I was represented by Deborah Alexander. She truly saved my life. I was charged with a felony criminal case and there was a substantial risk that my freedom would be taken away. Deborah Alexander worked aggressively on my case since the day that I met her. She was wonderful about communicating with me..." Anonymous