No Contact Orders, Temporary Orders for Protection, Restraining Orders, and Anti-Harassment Orders

The Law Offices of Deborah Alexander, Attorney at Law, PLLC represents clients involved with seeking or opposing No Contact Orders. In addition to No Contact Orders issued in domestic violence situations, other types of orders can be imposed to prohibit contact between parties. Anti-harassment orders are appropriate when a person feels intimidated, annoyed, or harassed by another. The Petitioner of an anti-harassment order needs to show that the other person’s conduct would cause any reasonable person to suffer emotional distress. Additionally, the harassing conduct must prove to appear intentional or willful and did not serve any legitimate or lawful purpose. Furthermore, the Law Offices of Deborah Alexander also represent clients in matters involving temporary restraining orders. Temporary restraining orders are another means by which one can seek protection from another person. Once certain conditions are met, a Temporary Order is immediately issued by a judge and the respondent is served with a copy of the order. A hearing is then set whereby the parties appear before a judge to determine if a more permanent order will be granted. A protection order is issued to prevent the contact of those that feel threatened, harassed, and may also prevent the proximity that one may appear near a home, school, or workplace. A protection order can also be issued to prohibit contact with children and may require a party to attend counseling. The party protected by the order should carry a certified copy of the order with them for protection if an issue arises.