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I want to take this time to thank Deborah Alexander. Her professionalism and services were such a great help to me that I cannot find words to express my gratitude to her. She helped me fighting a DUI case that was very stressful to me.

She achieved the best possible results for me and I learned quite a bit about myself through the whole ordeal. She is very pleasing, listens, advises and most of all cares about the individual.

I would absolutely recommend her to whoever needs to have their legal problems solved.

– Client charged with a DUI

Bellevue DUI DWI FAQs
How is DUI Determined?

If DUI is suspected, the amount of alcohol in the driver's blood is measured by a breath or blood test. The driver will be cited for DUI if the results are:

  • .08 or higher for adults
  • .02 or higher for minors (under 21)

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What can I Expect if I am Stopped for DUI in Seattle Area?

If you are topped for suspected DUI, the law enforcement officer may:

  • ask if you have consumed any alcohol or drug-related substances.
  • ask you to take a field sobriety test.
  • ask you to submit to a breath test. If you blood alcohol content is .08 or higher, you may be cited and taken to jail. You also may request to have a blood test.

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If You Are Stopped For a DUI by an Officer, This is What You Should Do...
  • You are not required to answer potentially incriminating questions.
  • Be polite. You can say, "I would like to speak with a lawyer before answering questions."
  • Field Sobriety (coordination) tests are VOLUNTARY.
  • Submitting to a Portable breath test is VOLUNTARY.
  • Breath test at police station - If you refuse, your driver's license can be suspended for a minimum of 1 year. Prior DUI's can increase the revocation to 2 years.

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What If I Refuse to Take the Breath or Blood Test?

If you refuse to take the test, your license will be revoked. When you operate a motor vehicle in Washington State, you automatically give consent to have your breath or blood tested if a law enforcement officer believes you have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A person drives under the influence of alcohol or a drug if such a person drives a vehicle in Washington State with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or greater within two hours after driving or if the person's driving is impaired from the consumption of alcohol or the taking of a drug.

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Client Reviews
"I did not know that the court system often times has rehabilitative means to resolve cases. I was charged with a drug crime and Deborah helped me find the appropriate treatment that I needed. My life has changed and my case was resolved without a conviction.” Anonymous
"Deborah Alexander goes above and beyond for her clients! She has incredible energy, she cares about her clients, and she will provide you will an effective defense for your felony or misdemeanor case." Anonymous
"I was represented by Deborah Alexander. She truly saved my life. I was charged with a felony criminal case and there was a substantial risk that my freedom would be taken away. Deborah Alexander worked aggressively on my case since the day that I met her. She was wonderful about communicating with me..." Anonymous